3D Rendering / Visualisation

Miscellaneous renders showing 3D modelling and visualisation skills

Modelling: SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Rhino, C4D
Rendering: KeyShot
Post: Adobe CC

Minor components in some renders were downloaded from online libraries.
Type: Skills
Client: Multiple
Company: Freelance

Freelance visualisation project, 2020. Fully modelled from client’s single basic ‘napkin’ sketch (right) and turned around within the week. 

Renders for upcoming GoodWaste project to help client better visualise the final result, including simulation of bulb’s lighting.

Freelance visualisation project, 2020. Acrylic Screen for outdoor bar to protect workers from Covid-19. Client’s request for a more stylised and dramatic render.

Render practice: a detail view of the Google Home PCBs inserted into my Frank Objects redesign.

Render Practice: Re-doing the renders for an older consultancy project, Hexagol. The project didn’t require detailed renders at the time so these are done retrospectively to practice exploded view and in-situ shots for consumer electronics projects.