Turtle Pack

Patented, progressional swimming float for kids learning to swim.

Client: Turtle Pack
Company: Filament PD

Turtle Pack is an innovative swimming aid comprising of three EPA foam shells that can be added and removed to adjust the aid’s buoyancy as the child’s ability improves. I am the co-inventor of the patented design which sees the three shells snap-fit together.

At Filament, I was the lead designer on the product from when the client came to us with the basic idea, right through to sourcing the injection moulders (and seperate vest manufacturers) and overseeing the initial production samples. 

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Industrial Design
  • Design engineering (selecting material & manufacturing method, calculating buoyancy and therefore volume required to meet product regulations, etc.)
  • Prototyping (including design and prototyping of the vest)
  • Branding (logo)
  • Design for Manufacture (EVA Injection Moulding, neoprene cut & sewing)
  • Full CAD, manufacturing drawings
  • Sourced and liaised with Chinese manufacturers for production.

From client’s website:
“Comprising of a high-quality neoprene vest and three removable EPA foam shells, Turtle Pack ensures that children are kept in the correct neutral body position in the water – without compromising on comfort or safety. Our design allows kids to learn swimming strokes correctly and efficiently, whilst the vest design keeps their arms free in the water. As the child’s confidence & coordination improves in the water the buoyancy can be easily reduced by removing segments of the shell.”