Ewan Alston
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The intracoat is a hooded jacket that provides noise isolation and private communication links between wearers. It does this discreetly, preserving the anonymity of the wearer, and without electronics, meaning it is completely unhackable.

Small PVC tubes integrated into the lining of the jacket connect the mouthpiece of one wearer to the earpiece of another, providing the secret, analogue communication channel. The features are activated by simple intuitive gestures like zipping up the jacket or putting on the hood.

It is speculative design, set in a near-future where governments and corporations are using increasing amounts of surveillance – CCTV, audio bugging, lip reading – to suppress opposition or extract data for sale.

3 week multi-disciplinary group project at the Royal College of Art with:  
myself (concept / mechanisms / gestures / video)
Heleen Sintobin (concept / mechanisms / gestures / video)
Chelsea Franklin (fashion / garment design)
Yuqi Wang (fashion / garment design)
Yvonne Hung (material science / noise cancellation)