Ewan Alston

︎ Product Design

Design Proposal 

  1. GoodWaste OPDC

  2. Resource/React

  3. Frank Objects

  4. Object Resurrection

  5. Distributed Design Lamp

Industrial Design

  1. GoodWaste ︎ Selfridges

  2. Matilda ~

  3. Halo Coffee
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Ewan is a product/industrial designer exploring material flows and the circular economy.
He recently co-founded GoodWaste, graduated from the RCA, and is an IDEO CoLab Fellow 2019.



Industrial Design for an innovative IOT football training product. 

Client: Hexagol
Company: Filament PD

Football target game where sensors register if specific target is hit and send data via Bluetooth back to main hub which connects to internet leaderboard via wifi.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Industrial Design & styling of hub
  • Close collaboration with internal and external electronics engineers
  • Design for Manufacture (Injection Moulding, vac casting)
  • Full CAD, manufacturing drawings
  • Sourced and liaised with Chinese manufacturers for production.
  • Arranged and assembled CNC & vac-cast prototypes with electronic components.