Halo Coffee

A high-quality coffee vending machine that uses fresh beans & milk, while adhering to the brand values of M&S.

Company: Filament PD
Client: Matthew Algie/Marks & Spencer

While working for Filament PD, I was assigned the role of lead designer on this project creating a new coffee vending machine for M&S.

I was personally responsible for the complete aesthetic design of the whole unit; the ergonomics and how consumers interact with the machine; the detailed Design for Manufacture of the fascia/ door components, including CAD, material selection and the sourcing of manufacturers.

The door unit is manufactured and assembled in the UK and comprises of: a large plastic RIM moulding, a sheet-metal subframe, Aluminium trims, Corian panels and screenprinted glass. The touchscreen UI is by Screenmedia (an external supplier).

Since completing the project, M&S have ordered hundreds of units to go in stores around the UK. In early May I happened upon one in M&S Victoria Station.